Whether you require assistance to secure permanent residence, temporary residence, setting up your business in Cyprus or working overseas whilst residing in Cyprus, our team has the legal expertise to make it happen.

Our law firm offers legal support and guidance both to businesses and individuals throughout the entire application procedure.

Clients are advised on all aspects of Immigration law including:

Permanent Residence Permits Immigration Permit, under Regulation 6(2) (Fast Track Procedure):

The Immigration Permit, under Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations, provides a fast- track procedure for non-EU nationals who wish to acquire permanent residence in Cyprus by investment.

In case of applicants residing outside Cyprus, their permit will be automatically cancelled if they are absent from Cyprus for a period of two years.

Immigration Permit under Category F: 

This procedure is available for individuals who possess and have at their disposal a secured annual income, high enough to guarantee a comfortable living standard in Cyprus, without having to engage in any business, trade or profession. The majority of applicants in this category are pensioners or retired persons.

A permit under this category will be automatically cancelled if the applicant fails to acquire residence in Cyprus within one year from the approval of their application. Additionally, in case of applicants residing outside Cyprus, their permit will be automatically cancelled if they acquire permanent residence abroad or be absent from Cyprus for a period of two years.

Tourist Visas:

Tourist Visas are issued by the consular authorities of Cyprus abroad and they can be extended for a maximum period of 3 months. Visas with the term FINAL can only be extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when special reasons exist.

In the case where foreigners from third countries receive visas from a consular authority of Cyprus and their aim is to achieve an extension in their stay, the term FINAL is not noted and the Civil Registry and Migration Department can accept relevant application after the submission of all the required documents, duly certified.

Digital Nomad Visa:

Given the world-wide increase of remote-working, this type of residence permit is designed for individuals who seek to reside in Cyprus whilst working for companies operating abroad.

Third-country nationals that are self-employed professionals or freelance third-country nationals who work remotely, can apply for the digital nomad visa which can provide them with residence permit for 1 year with the right for renewal for 2 more years subsequently. 

Successful applicants can be accompanied by their family members, who are granted, upon request, a residence permit that expires at the same time as that of the financial supporter of the family.

In order to obtain the Digital Nomad Visa, it is necessary that the applicant provides evidence of sufficient stable income to cover their living expenses during their stay in the country.  The amount of sufficient funds is set at €3,500 per month and should proved by an employment contract or proof of employment.  The above amount is increased by 20% in the event that the applicant will be accompanies by a spouse or civil partner and by 15% for each child.

Temporary Residence Permits

Visitor (Temporary Residence permit):

A Visitors Visa can be provided to third country nationals who enter the Republic of Cyprus and wish to stay for more than 3 months, without the right to work in Cyprus.

The following categories of foreigners can receive a Visitors Visa:

Visitor Visas  in Cyprus are valid for 1 year and can be renewed on an annual basis. Under this permit, a person is allowed to live in Cyprus as a visitor (without the right to work). Also, his family members, spouse, and children (under 18 years old), can get also receive this visa as dependants. 

Employment at a Company of Foreign Interests:

The new policy for the employment of highly skilled third-country nationals gives the opportunity to third-country nationals to be employed by companies with foreign interests, provided that the companies prove their physical presence in Cyprus by establishing a suitable independent office.

The companies which are eligible to apply under this scheme are Foreign companies operating in Cyprus, Foreign companies intending to operate in Cyprus, Cypriot shipping companies, Cypriot high technology / innovation companies, Cypriot pharmaceutical companies and Cypriot companies active in the sectors of biogenetics and biotechnology.

Highly-skilled third-country nationals can benefit under his scheme provided that: –